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Experience, Expertise and Unmatched Ability

Nx Stage Security / Security Solutions Group

Our founders have over 50 years of experience in delivering quality
products and service to customers.  Our company goals are to deliver
security, peace of mind, and add beauty to a home.  Our security doors
and windows all have a positive looking appearance.

We understand that home security has 2 objectives.  First, it must allow
the home owner to feel safe and maintain that feeling.  The 2nd is, a
would-be burglar must feel it is too much work to get into this home.

Our products meet those 2 objectives in an eye appealing way, and doing so without looking like security.   In fact, most
people say they look like solar screens, not security.

For HOA’s today, to tell a member to use better locks, install an alarm system or put a stick in the sliding glass door track
is not enough. None of these prevent doors from being kicked in or glass from being broken.  Alarm systems, as
good as they are, do not prevent or denture crime, they only tell you someone is in your home.  With criminals
having attitudes like “I don’t care,  I am taking it,  and I will hurt you”,  being told by the alarm system that
you have an intruder in your home, can truly be a scary situation.

Our products enhance the security of the home to the level of true prevention.  We do not replace good alarm systems
and other good common since steps.   As stated in our goals, deliver true security, in part is convincing the would-be
burglar to go somewhere else.  Our protection products are preferred by police officers and detectives, they have seen
where and how security products have failed in homes.  They prefer using our product, because they acknowledge that
there is no other security product available that offers the same quality of workmanship and level of protection provided.
We have worked with HOA’s and other Community Agencies to deliver security products
that meet their needs and plans, that of keeping their community beautiful and safe.
Our company goals will always be, to deliver security, peace of mind, and add beauty to a home.
This is the view from
inside the house
looking outside