We put every reasonable effort in building our doors in a way to prevent anyone from being able to break through them. We have
done our best to make a burglar feel it is better to go elsewhere,  rather than try to go through our doors. We build products of
steel, copper, and aluminum. If maintained they can last for generations. We put our best in to every creation but the rest is in
your hands.
When you place your order, keep in mind this is custom made for you as per your order. A deposit of 50% is required of all
orders. All orders, can cancel within 72 hours, after that your deposit is non-refundable. From the time of powder coating to the
date of shipping you maybe charged the balance of  your total billing including shipping cost.

Damage or loss done by shipper is covered by that carrier and must be reported to them in their time frame. Errors in our product
that do not match the order information from customer in e-mails or other written forms: not being the right style, color, size or
missing parts will be corrected by us or our personnel, but the customer must inform us within 15 days of receiving the shipment.
We normally do not cover shipping cost and it may be passed on to the customer, based on case by case decision.
Our products are covered with a life time workmanship warranty. Our warranty does not cover rusting or corrosion where
coatings have been damaged, expense for installation or removal, or changes done outside our company personal. Also not
covered is damage, malfunctions or service failures caused by: Abuse, fire, misuse, neglect, vandalism, or failure to follow
operation  maintenance, and/or installation instructions. We are not liable for mounting failures or damage to mounting locations.
To receive the warranty payment, the following MUST be met. Sent to us (1) a copy of the police report giving the entry point, (2)
a copy of your claim to your homeowners Insurance company, (3) Must send us pictures showing damage to the door and all the
mounting points, (4) door unit can not have been altered and mounting must be correct and intact.
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Our commitment to Privacy and protecting the information we collect from you is important. This notice applies to all information.
Your information is kept secure in the office, the only information allowed out into the shop is your job information and name.

Information we collect from you is the following: Name, Address, E-mail, Phone #'s, Payment information and Job information.
Any, and all, information given by you is never shared, sold or rented to any outside parties. We do not use your name or job
location for sales without your written permission, exception is in pictures of our products on your home.


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